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Mountain Electronics, Inc.
2880 White Oak Road
Burnsville, NC 28714

        Mountain Electronics specializes in repairing circuit boards for the commercial laundry industry.  We have been repairing electronic control boards for the commercial laundry industry since 1999. Since that time, we have built a team of top-notch technicians and excellent customer service representatives. Our reputation for exceptional service, competitive prices, and quick turn-around times has helped us build a strong foundation of loyal customers. When you send us your defective control board we do more than just repair what failed on your board.  For preventative maintenance and to extend the life of your board, we first remove the components that tend to fail, whether or not they have completely failed yet on your control board. Then your circuit board is thoroughly cleaned in our parts washer, removing any dust, dirt, and corrosion.  Next we repopulate your board with OEM components whenever possible.  Then, our trained technicians do the final diagnostics, repairs, and any necessary programming.  They will connect your circuit board to our custom computerized test simulators to test all the functions of your board.  If everything tests fine on our simulators, we put our warranty sticker on the control board and send it out to be processed for shipping.  We do everything possible to insure that you have the highest quality and dependability in your repaired control boards!

To send us a board for repair, please visit our Shipping Page.

Mountain Electronics Goes Solar

        Mountain Electronics, a family-owned electronics repair company in North Carolina, has made big changes to increase their work output while decreasing their environmental impact. Since 1999, Mountain Electronics has been performing quality repairs on circuit boards for commercial washers and dryers. Each year, the business has grown to meet the increasing number of boards sent in for repair and customers served. This year alone, Mountain Electronics has hired five new employees, each specializing in a different area of cleaning, repairing, and shipping your boards back to you in a timely manner.

        Located outside of a rural town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, environmental stewardship has always been a tenet of the company. They employ many methods to reduce their environmental footprint: using biodegradable soap and non-toxic microbes rather than harsh chemicals to clean circuit boards; reusing boxes and packaging material whenever possible; printing on 100% recycled paper; packing repaired boards in biodegradable & recycled Geami paper and cornstarch peanuts; recycling control boards that are not repairable; and using LED and compact fluorescent lighting to minimize energy consumption.

        Additionally, Mountain Electronics is proud to announce that they have installed a photovoltaic solar array, which provides nearly all of their electricity needs. This 15.7 kW solar installation is made up of 48 highly rated SunPower solar panels. These panels have won awards for being the most efficient, most durable, and having the least annual degradation, and so will provide more clean electricity for longer than the average solar panel. As their business continues to grow, Mountain Electronics looks forward to providing more high quality service at low to cost to both their customers and the environment.

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