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All Major Brands Serviced

We repair the electronic control boards and ignitors from all commercial washers and dryers. We use hi-tech simulators to fully test the computer boards from all major commercial laundry manufacturers.

Shipping Information:

We provide FREE inbound and return shipping to our customers in the lower 48 states of the US.  For our US customers outside this area (Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories), we use US Mail Priority Mail to ship boards back to you, however you will be billed for the shipping charges. Unfortunately, we cannot provide free inbound shipping for our customers located outside the lower 48 states.  Because of excessive customs charges, we are no longer able to receive or send international packages.

*To ensure that the problem is in your control board and not somewhere else in the machine, please move the computer board to a working machine to see if the problem follows the board BEFORE you send it to us.  If the problem does not follow the control board, then the problem is elsewhere in your machine.*

Follow these steps to ship your broken board to us:

  1. Please fill out and print this information form and enclose it in your shipment.
  2. For a FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING LABEL, click create an account to fill out your information and print a label. (returning users, log in)
  3. If you are shipping via UPS at your own expense or wish to use a different carrier (US Postal Service, FedEx, etc), you may print out this paper that has our address on it.  This is NOT a free shipping label.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact us!
                                                                          Mountain Electronics, Inc.
                                                                          2880 White Oak Road
                                                                          Burnsville, NC 28714
                                                                          phone / fax: 828-675-9200 

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