ADC Phase 5 Single Dryer Control Board

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Manufacturer: ADC , Maytag
Part Number: 137213
  • Repair: You send in your broken board to us. We'll fix it and return it to you.
  • Refurbished: Occasionally we have rebuilt boards for sale. To see if we have any of this part in stock, select "Refurbished" from the drop-down menu below.
  • All repaired and refurbished parts are covered by our one-year warranty.

Click here to see the supported model numbers:

Prefixes for models: AD1, AD2, AD3, AD5, AD7, MAY, ADG, WDA

AD-15, AD-24, AD-24 II, AD-25, AD-25V, AD-27, AD-30 SUPER, AD-30x2R, AD-50, AD-75THS, AD-75DII, AD-78 II, AD-230, AD-235, AD-235ED, AD-236, AD-265, AD-758DV, MAYTAG-30V, MAYTAG-50V, ADG-758, ADG-385, WDA-385

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