Speed Queen / Unimac OPL Tumbler Output Board

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Manufacturer: Alliance , Huebsch , Speed Queen , Unimac
Part Number: 70434101
  • Repair: You send in your broken board to us. We'll fix it and return it to you.
  • Refurbished: Occasionally we have rebuilt boards for sale. To see if we have any of this part in stock, select "Refurbished" from the drop-down menu below.
  • All repaired and refurbished parts are covered by our one-year warranty.

Click here to see the supported model numbers:

Includes the models UA, UK, UT, UU, UniLinc:

BA025L BA025N BK025N BK025R BT025E BT025F BT025L BT025N BT025R BT025S BU025E BU025F BU025L BU025N BU025R BU025S CA025L CA025N CK025N CK025R CT025E CT025F CT025L CT025N CT025R CT025S CU025E CU025F CU025L CU025N CU025R CU025S GA025L GA025N GK025N GT025E GT025L GT025N GT025S GU025E GU025L GU025N GU025S HA025L HA025N HK025N HK025R HT025E HT025F HT025L HT025N HT025R HT025S HU025E HU025F HU025L HU025N HU025R HU025S IT025E IT025F IT025L IT025N IT025R IT025S KA025L KA025N KK025N KT025E KT025L KT025N KT025S KU025E KU025L KU025N KU025S LA025L LA025N LK025N LT025E LT025L LT025N LT025S LU025E LU025L LU025N LU025S MT025E MT025F MT025L MT025N MT025R MT025S NT025E NT025L NT025N NT025S NU025E NU025L NU025N NU025S PA025L PA025N PK025N PT025E PT025L PT025N PT025S PU025E PU025L PU025N PU025S SA025L SA025N SK025N SK025R ST025E ST025F ST025L ST025N ST025R ST025S SU025E SU025F SU025L SU025N SU025R SU025S UA025L UA025N UK025N UK025R UT025E UT025F UT025L UT025N UT025R UT025S UU025E UU025F UU025L UU025N UU025R UU025S YT025E YT025L YT025N YT025S YU025E YU025L YU025N YU025S

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